i study theoretical neuroscience at ucl's gatsby unit, working with peter latham. i'm a current marshall scholar.

i'm from sunny socal, i can fold origami dragons, and i enjoy running, dancing, and traveling.

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i'm fascinated by how people think, feel, act, and live. broadly, i'm interested in the neural underpinnings of higher-level cognition, such as structure learning and decision-making.

here's a sampling:

  1. learning rate variance
  2. mice can show large individual differences in learning rates on simple tasks. why? tackling this problem via a model-based experimental approach.
    peter l, athena a

  3. tower hypotheticals
  4. paper visualization
    the goal is to model people's judgments of physical stability using a noisy physics engine that can simulate possible counterfactuals. we ran several mturk experiments and confirmed that our approach better modeled intuitive human judgments.
    tobi g, kevin s, josh t

  5. 3d micropillars
  6. paper
    i wrote a java processing suite to model the geometry of 3d-printed high-res micropillar structures, which can collectively bend to represent a vector field. using a prepared image as input, we output a representation of the resulting structure based on image gradient properties.
    jifei o

a selection of photos i've taken since picking up photography in summer '18. email me for higher-res versions.




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